Overview In today’s digital landscape, your social media profiles are your first impression. Eric Stavola's Social Media Branding Kit offers a comprehensive package to set you up for success on all social media platforms. Ensure your brand's consistency and professionalism across the board with high-quality, customized graphics, and strategy. Pricing Basic Branding Kit: $300 Advanced Branding Kit: $600 Ultimate Branding Kit: $1200 What You Get For All Packages 🎨 Custom Logo & Icon Set Tailored to your brand's unique identity, suitable for all social platforms. 📑 Brand Guidelines A handy guide outlining the do's and don'ts for maintaining brand consistency online. 🌐 Social Media Cover Photos Captivating cover images for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Basic Branding Kit 2 Custom Post Templates Color Palette & Typography Guidelines 1 Revision Round Advanced Branding Kit 5 Custom Post Templates Story Templates for Instagram and Facebook Color Palette & Typography Guide with Examples Up to 3 Revision Rounds Ultimate Branding Kit 10 Custom Post Templates Multiple Story Templates for Instagram and Facebook Animated Graphics for Posts Unlimited Revisions 1-on-1 Strategy Consultation Who Should Opt for Social Media Branding Kit? Ideal for: Startups looking for a strong initial presence online. Existing businesses aiming to rebrand or maintain consistency across platforms. Teams that require a hands-off yet effective approach to branding on social media. Additional Benefits Quick Turnaround: Get your complete branding kit within a week. Ongoing Support: 1-month free support for any queries or changes. Brand Strategy Guide: Included in the Ultimate Kit, a guide to help you use your new graphics effectively. Contact Us Level up your social media game with Eric Stavola's Social Media Branding Kit. From start to finish, we've got your branding needs covered.