Discover how Eric Stavola's method of ROI-based storytelling can unlock sales intelligence like never before.

  •  8/28/2023 05:28 PM

In the hyper-competitive arena of modern sales, one axiom remains true—knowledge is power. And by that, I don't mean just understanding your product or service inside and out; I'm talking about Sales Intelligence. This game-changing concept can mean the difference between a sales team that merely survives and one that thrives.Let me break it down for you.

  •  8/26/2023 08:41 AM

Your Personal Story Defines You We often overlook one of our most powerful assets: our personal story. Today, I want to explore why your story is not only worth telling but can be a strategic tool in both personal and professional life.

  •  8/21/2023 01:48 PM

In the competitive landscape of B2B sales, a strong personal brand can be your greatest asset. As someone passionate about uniting the principles of football, technology, and storytelling, I've found that building a brand is similar to designing a winning play in a game of football. It's strategic, requires careful planning, and when executed effectively, it leads to victory.

  •  8/21/2023 01:24 PM