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Eric Stavola

Coach & Strategist

An accomplished, results-oriented thought leader working at the intersection of executive leadership, sales management and strategic planning to drive business performance and significant revenue growth at an international level. Eric is known for spearheading major programs of transformation that support the attainment of both commercial and strategic objectives. This is underpinned by an aptitude for translating complex business issues into high-performance solutions, increased revenue, and international level recognition.

Dr. Ray Casey:Head of School

Eric Stavola is an energetic and creative strategic leader. He has a unique ability to connect with key leaders to solve high level organizational challenges and accomplish high impact results.

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Dr. Ray Casey

William (Bill) Stayart:VP of Sales

There are very few people who really make a noticeable difference in our lives. Eric Stavola has been my Manager, my Coach and is my friend. Coach only accepts your best. "It's ok to fail, just know why and do better tomorrow", he taught us. He wont list his certifications either. He will simply ask you about your strategy, your structure and your systems and skills inside your organization and the conversation is off to new contract a new relationship. Eric Stavola is leader, a teacher and family man. I am proud to have worked with him!

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William (Bill) Stayart

Kevin T. Rewkowski:Customer Success Leader at Microsoft

I was fortunate enough to work closely with Eric Stavola over the past few years. To say that he was my manager is an understatement. To say that he was my leader is an understatement. My relationship with Eric has evolved from employee/manager to mentor and friend. I learned about technology and various systems and software; that’s only natural in a role like this. But what you won’t find in a textbook or in the required trainings are the concepts and content Eric has created, shared, and taught over the years. In addition, he took a personal interest in not only me, but the entire team, and used coaching techniques to advance my personal and professional growth. So much so, I was fortunate enough to turn around and share those concepts and content with other colleagues to aid in their development.

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Kevin T. Rewkowski