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I am on a Mission mission to equip leaders and teams to win big through technology, strategy, and storytelling.



From the football field to the boardroom, I've always believed the principles that drive winning teams on the gridiron can be applied to business success. That's why I created the Power Plays Framework - to bring the strategic agility, competitive fire, and ability to inspire others from football into the business world. Combined with my Story Power Method for transformational business storytelling, Power Plays provides a proprietary blueprint for leading digital transformation and strategic change.


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Unleash the Power of Your Story with STORY POWER!

Discover how Eric Stavola's method of ROI-based storytelling can unlock sales intelligence like never before.

  •  8/28/2023 05:28 PM

In the hyper-competitive arena of modern sales, one axiom remains true—knowledge is power. And by that, I don't mean just understanding your product or service inside and out; I'm talking about Sales Intelligence. This game-changing concept can mean the difference between a sales team that merely survives and one that thrives.Let me break it down for you.

  •  8/26/2023 08:41 AM

Your Personal Story Defines You We often overlook one of our most powerful assets: our personal story. Today, I want to explore why your story is not only worth telling but can be a strategic tool in both personal and professional life.

  •  8/21/2023 01:48 PM

In the competitive landscape of B2B sales, a strong personal brand can be your greatest asset. As someone passionate about uniting the principles of football, technology, and storytelling, I've found that building a brand is similar to designing a winning play in a game of football. It's strategic, requires careful planning, and when executed effectively, it leads to victory.

  •  8/21/2023 01:24 PM