21 Apr

Structure Creates Behavior 

If you want to change your behavior, it is important to change the underlying structure that allows for that behavior to happen. In other words, if you want to change what you do, you need to change how you think. This can be done by altering the way that you process information, leverage technology, and utilize information to make decisions. You can also create new habits by repeating positive behaviors over and over again. By changing your structure, you can change your behavior for the better. This system - thinking approach works for individuals and organizations alike.  

System thinking is a methodology that can be used to improve results. It involves looking at the system as a whole and identifying the relationships between the different parts. This can help to identify areas where improvements can be made. This terminology allows for precise and meaningful communication about ideas and concepts. When used correctly, it can help to clarify meaning and promote understanding.

Takeaway Exercise : Seek to understand the big picture

  1. Identify a chronic problem or ongoing issue. 
  2. Try drawing a graph of what seems to be happening 
  3. Looking at above outline, what do you see? 
  4. Is there any way that actions taken to solve the problem might actually be making things worse?  If so, how?