05 Aug

 As someone deeply entrenched in business storytelling and the vast realm of technology, I often reflect on the transformative power of stories, especially the ones we tell ourselves.

Tiny Little Pictures 

Inside each of our minds exists a gallery of "tiny little pictures". These are the images, the narratives, the moments that define our worldview, aspirations, and daily actions. They are, in essence, our inner stories that play out silently, guiding our every step.

When I think of the concept of these internal stories, I'm reminded of the powerful impact they can have on us and entire organizations. They can drive change, inspire innovation, and lead to groundbreaking results. As an executive leader, I've seen firsthand how harnessing the right internal narrative can redefine success.

But the question is, what story are you telling yourself?

Is it one of limitless potential or self-imposed limitations? Is it a story of challenges turned opportunities, or of missed chances and regret? The beauty of these "tiny little pictures" is that they are not static; they're malleable. We have the power and the responsibility to rewrite them.

Adjust, Adapt, Overcome

I faced a series of setbacks early in my career amidst a complex business transformation. I remember sitting at my desk, feeling overwhelmed when an old memory surfaced. It was a simple moment from childhood where I'd watched a small plant push through a crack in the concrete. That image, that "tiny little picture", became a symbol of resilience for me. Instead of viewing the transformation as an insurmountable challenge, I saw it as an opportunity to grow, to push through the concrete barriers of the business world just like that plant.

These mental images and stories we tell ourselves are powerful tools in the arsenal of any leader, coach, or mentor. They can provide clarity during chaos, hope in despair, and direction when lost.

So, I invite you: take a journey inside your mind. Explore the "tiny little pictures" that populate your internal gallery. Recognize the ones that serve you and rewrite the ones that don't. When you harness the power of positive internal storytelling, you not only transform your perspective but also the world around you.

In the world of business and technology, where speed and agility reign supreme, let's not forget the timeless power of our inner stories. As I often say in my coaching, performance equals potential minus interference. Ensure the stories in your head amplify your potential and minimize interference.

To rewrite and realize our best StoryPower


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