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1985 Oklahoma Sooners

The 1985 Oklahoma Sooners Football team had one of the best defenses in college football history. Here are some of their defensive statistics from that season:

  • Total Points Allowed: 121 (8.4 points per game)
  • Total yards allowed per game: 259.1 (ranked 2nd in the nation)
  • Rushing yards allowed per game: 99.1 (ranked 2nd in the nation)
  • Passing yards allowed per game: 160.0 (ranked 4th in the nation)
  • Interceptions: 25 (ranked 1st in the nation)
  • Sacks: 47 (ranked 6th in the nation)
  • Opponent's 3rd down conversion: 25.3% (ranked 2nd in the nation)
  • Opponent's 4th down conversion: 16.7% (ranked 1st in the nation)
  • Opponent's red zone scoring percentage: 56.7% (ranked 2nd in the nation)

These statistics demonstrate the dominance of the 1985 Oklahoma Sooners defense, they were one of the best in the nation in almost every defensive category. They were especially strong in the areas of pass defense, rush defense, and turnovers, which helped them to shut down opposing offenses and secure victories throughout the season.