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Sales is a challenging field, and there's a lot to learn in order to be successful. In this video, we explore 5 things that we wish everyone in sales knew. Watch and learn how you can take your sales career to the next level! 

#1 Focus on solving client problem

If the prospect can't explain the benefits and consequences of an issue and reasons why it should be addressed, you  and your client won't have any way of getting the enterprise to commit any funding towards the  solution - nor will you have a high probability of winning or making a business impact.

#2 Be specific about the value you offer

To best serve your audience, you must zero in on the value that you offer to each customer - in other words, you need to appreciate a personalized position for each potential client.

#3 Create and capture Value Exchange in every interaction

An audience-sensitive strategy is to try to make sure the customer has mutually valuable interactions on every occasion. This could consist of responding directly to their concerns in a straightforward way, providing straight answers to their questions, and refraining from leading them in circles with answers that may not be entirely accurate. It could also entail sharing topics covered with the customer whereby they may come to a few conclusions themselves.

#4 Facilitate their buying process, not your sales process

Conventional sales procedures are often centered around what the seller desires, not the needs of the client. It is therefore no surprise that things the seller considers important are often regarded by the purchaser as unimportant (or worse) or terribly bothersome, while their interests and concerns go unaddressed.

#5 If you can’t contribute distinctive value, qualify out

The final Step is Simple : if your solution doesn’t offer a distinctively different and higher-value approach solving to the prospect’s identified problem than any of the other options they are considering, you need to either do something about it or qualify out.